Having used rogaine foam before, I feel like another rogaine foam review is in order. I get lots of emails from people that go something like this:

Josh, I can see that you don’t recommend rogaine for hair loss. I am not sure why that is, because it is FDA approved. Why would you recommend anything else?

To these people, I respond with the fact about Rogaine. Yes it is FDA approved to regrow hair, and it works on almost everybody. They say it’s around 85% and I believe them. However, it’s not really Rogaine that is FDA approved, it’s actually Minoxidil. That’s the actual working ingredient that regrows hair. That being said, lots of products contain Minoxidil. Besides, if all you want is Minoxidil, there are a lot of cheaper options out there. For example, check out these 2 websites that are offering a FREE TRIAL of Minoxidil and even a free refill program.

Anyway, another issue that Minoxidil has is that it’s actually only really for people that have hair loss at the crown of the head. It doesn’t claim to do anything for baldness anywhere else. That means that they will actually need to find another product to cover those problem areas and help regrow hair there as well.

There are a number of products that have been proven to regrow hair even in the front of the scalp, rogaine foam is not one of them. Most products that do make that claim either contain Propecia (Finasteride) or other natural ingredients, such as Saw Palmetto or Azelaic Acid. Time and time again, these product have proven to be successful at regrowing hair in places that Rogaine falls short.

I personally use Profollica, because it’s actually cheaper to buy the 6 month supply of Profollica than it is to buy a 6 month supply of Rogaine Foam. Profollica has the minoxidil like rogaine, but it also has all the great ingredients that will help you with hair loss in the front of you head as well.

I’m not necessarily saying that Profollica is all you should use. Quite honestly, I know there are people that only have hair loss on the crown of their head and just getting some Generic Minoxidil is probably your best bet.

However, if you have hair loss that extends beyond just the crown of your head, I would suggest you read up a little more on Profollica and see if that might be for you.

Also, I have written a slightly more in-depth review of Minoxidil that you might be interested in. You can check it out on my Rogaine – Minoxidil Review page.


I know that some people who have read my previous review on spironolactone may feel that I didn’t treat it fairly. The truth of the matter is that spironolactone does actually work on most people who use it.

So, you now may want to ask if you should use it. My answer is that it depends on a number of factors. These are the things you need to consider in my opinion:

1. Do you want to regrow hair? If you do, then Spiro is not for you. Spironolactone really just helps you to stop losing your hair, but it doesn’t regrow hair. Therefore, it’s really not a miracle drug anyway.

2. Do you or anyone that has to be near you during the day have a sensitive nose?  If they do, then this is not for you. You really need to consider whether or not you want to be associated with such a horrible fragrance as Spiro gives off. If you don’t care about smell, then you may want to consider it.

3. Do you care about how clean your hair looks most of the time? It’s not that it looks dirty, but it is greasy. You may be able to cover up the look of it with gel, but chances are, people will still notice.

So, if any one of those issues seems like a deal breaker, then you should not go with spironolactone. There are plenty of other drugs out there that work just as well or better and won’t make you look like a mountain man or smell like road kill. In fact, most other drugs really target hair regrowth, which is a lot better than just slowing down your current hair loss.

For information on the top hair loss products I recommend that don’t stink, go to my hair loss product reviews.