About Me

by Josh Hallstrom

My Hair-Loss Story


My name is Josh Hallstrom and I made this blog so that I could share what I know about hair loss products with everybody else. I was on a search for a “miracle product” for several years. What I found during my search was lots of produts that are overpriced, lots of products that are completely useless, and a couple of products that actually get the job done and will re-grow hair. I admit, I still don’t have a completely full head of hair like I used to, but I am well on my way to getting there.

I have a couple of different pages or articles that I have put together on this site, and they are all related to my findings with respect to the facts behind hair loss and the products that can and cannot help you overcome it. Feel free to peruse around and see which products I would recommend for anyone with a hair loss problem. A good place to start would be my Hair Loss Product Ranking page. Otherwise, I also have a few articles and reviews that you can find links to on the left side of this page. Hopefully you can use them to learn more about your hair loss product options.

A Little About Me

I started losing my hair when I was just 20 years old. I had pretty thick hair, so it really didn’t bother me all that much. But, by the time I was 26, I was really starting to notice a difference. Family members and friends started to mention it to me, and I got worried.

I decided to just start buying products and seeing what worked the best for me. As luck would have it, I found lots of scam products before I found the ones that actually work. Some were a complete hoax, and some were just way overpriced.  I was amazed to find that lots and lots of so-called “miracle products” were quite ineffective, and really did not do what they claimed to do. Thousands of people have tried the products with little or no results.

I am now 29 years old, and I have stopped losing my hair. Lots of the hair that I did lose has also grown back, thanks to the products I am now using called Profollica. I feel great having my hair growing in a lot thicker again, and I can honestly say my confidence has increased a great deal. I am not back to the amount of hair I had when I was 18, but I am definitely well on my way to being there. And, I have at least stopped losing my hair.

Now that you know a little about me, I hope you can use the information that I have gained over the years to help you begin to overcome your hair-loss problem. Let me tell you, it’s great to finally start to have a full, thick head of hair again. If I were you, I would get started right away. Check out my hair loss product rankings and then you can decide for yourself which you would prefer to use.