Biostim for Hair Loss – Not Quite Up to Par

by Josh Hallstrom

in Uncommon or Unsuccessful Products

Biostim for Hair Loss

Biostim for Hair Loss

For some reason I am a little disappointed every time I look into another somewhat obscure hair loss product, only to discover that it’s obscure for a reason. If it were actually working in people, it would probably be a much more well-known product. Biostim is one such product.

On the Biostim website, they do actually have apparent results of clinical trials that have been conducted successfully. That would normally be enough to put my conscience to rest and just let everyone know that it’s a legitimate product. After all, testing is what proves these results. I do know, however, that they do not offer a 90 day guarantee like the products I recommend, so I was a little skeptical.

After looking into the situation a little further, I discovered that Belgravia Centre in the UK has attempted to contact the developers of this product to look into the methodization for the studies they conducted. The developers have chosen not to release the data for one reason or another.

I know from experience that if a company like Biostim wants to get people to buy their product, I would use real results as a majore selling point. I guess if you don’t have real results though, you might want to try to shy away from bringing light to that.

So, to make a long story short, don’t go for Biostim if you are serious about a hair loss cure.

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