Hair Genesis Reviews

by Josh Hallstrom

Don’t Even THINK About Buying Hair Genesis Till You Read This Review!

Before finally settling on a hair loss product that I could actually trust to help regrow my hair, I came across a LOT of Hair Genesis Reviewsdifferent options that were good at one thing and one thing only: HYPE.

Most products out there were not nearly as good as they claimed to be, and some were WAY over-priced considering what was actually made of.  I would like to tell you how Hair Genesis fits in to this story.

Hair Genesis reviews state that it is essentially a shampoo product like Nisim Biofactors, which I do definitely recommend, along with a “DHT blocking gel” and an oral supplement to go along with it. On the surface, it seems like a pretty decent system, considering it is a three-way attack on hair loss. However, if you look deeper, you will discover that it’s not necessarily as effective as it should be.

After reading through several independent reports and Hair Genesis reviews, I found that it’s only effective on about 60% of users. Compare that with the almost 90% effectiveness on the products I currently use and it just doesn’t really make sense to go with Hair Genesis.

So what is in  exactly? Well, like I said, the shampoo is like Nisim Biofactors, only less effective for some reason. Then the gel is apparently somewhat of a watered-down home remedy, and the supplement has a few good ingredients, but not the full list of ingredients that you can get in a product like Profollica, which is what I use.

To top it all off, Hair Genesis is extremely expensive. It’s about $70 for a one one supply, $120 for a two month supply, and about $210 for a four month supply. I wouldn’t pay prices like that unless there were a VERY high chance of success. I don’t think 60% is a “very high” chance.

So if you are wondering what products I recommend, I would have to say that I recommend Profollica without a doubt.I have recommended it to TONS of friends and visitors to my website and they are ALWAYS impressed with it. It’s got a topical solution that is clinically proven to regrow hair, along with an oral supplement that helps hair grow in thicker starting from day one. Of course as an addition to Profollica, I would also recommend you pick up some Profollica Revive shampoo to help thicken up your hair as well. It lasts a long time and it’s definitely worth the money.

For my personal review and of Profollica, check out my Profollica Review page. Also, if you order the 4-Month supply, you get 2 extra months for free. By the end of those 6 months, I guarantee you will see a difference. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and the results have been amazing.