Hairmax Lasercomb Reviews

by Josh Hallstrom

Don’t Buy it Until You Read This Shocking Report!

Hairmax Lasercomb ReviewsI have been around the block a time or two when it comes to hair loss products, and I have seen every “miracle” product available to the general public. So, naturally, when I found out there was a “laser comb” claiming to help people regrow hair, I had to see what the hype was about. When I investigate products, I will either use them myself, talk to LOTS of people who have used them, or find a doctor who can shed light on the subject. I don’t want to give out false information ever.

After putting in several hours of research and checking information with multiple doctors who specialize in hair loss, I have gathered plenty of information on the Hairmax Lasercomb that I can share so that you can make a more educated decision on your own. Regardless of whether or not you decide to use the Hairmax Lasercomb, I suggest you pick up some Profollica as soon as possible, because it is FDA approved and has a REAL 90% success rate. That’s based on my own experience. That’s just a side note, but keep reading about the LaserComb.

The Hairmax Lasercomb is reportedly the “only deviced cleared by the FDA to regrow hair.” However, after investigating a little by talking to TWO DIFFERENT doctors, I found that that does not mean that they have clinically proven that it regrows hair. It actually just means that it’s considered “safe” or “not harmful” if used to aid in regrowing hair. That does not mean that they have run tests and have proven that it regrows hair.

Hairmax says that they have a “90% customer satisfaction level,” which means that 90% of the people who ordered the product did not return it for a refund.  That DOES NOT mean that 90% of people saw real results. It just means that 90% of people did not return the product, or that 90% of the customers that they surveyed said they were satisfied. Also, there is no proof that their satisfaction rating is actually that high, because there is NOBODY that can really investigate that claim. I know there are PLENTY of people who dislike the laser comb, and they are real users.

Ok, here’s the real proof that I feel puts the final nail in the coffin for Hairmax. On the Hairmax Lasercomb website, they have several “macro photos” that are supposed to show the hair density increase after using the lasercomb. However, based on the pictures shown, the results are completely inconclusive and actually show a DECREASE in hair density in some of the “after” photos. I’m not making this up. This is based on the findings of Dr. Rassman, who is one of the foremost experts in hair densitometry in the United States.  Basically, he knows what he is talking about more than anyone. He does hair transplants and looks at these kinds of pictures ALL day.

Based on all this information, the deception on their part is apparent. The FDA does not say that their product works; they just say it’s not harmful. Their pictures don’t prove that it works, and there are no numbers to prove that it works. Even seasoned doctors don’t support it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks for something that is simply not going to hurt me. I’d like to see results. That’s why I use the Profollica, a three-pronged attack to the root cause of hair loss, which has real clinical tests that show that it regrows hair in almost 90% of all users.

When deciding what path you will take to help regrow your hair, I sincerely hope that you really weigh out all of your options and that you end up using a product that has clinical studies that back up their claims. For me, following that one rule has made a huge difference and I have had a LOT of success with Profollica. It’s just an oral supplement and a topical solution that takes like 5 minutes every day and I have been using it for the last 2 years. It’s a lot cheaper too.

Profollica is clinically proven, as I already said, and REAL clinical studies show that almost 90% of people who use it see REAL results. Those are results that even doctors agree with. Just use Profollica for 2-3 months, and you agree with it. So will all of my balding friends who have used it. ALL of them have seen results and are believers in Profollica.

All you have to do to see success with Profollica is order a 6-months supply from the Profollica Website, use the topical solution daily, and take an oral supplement daily. That’s it. Most people see results within 3 months, but many also see results within 2 months. Best of all, there is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, so if it doesn’t work, feel free to return it. However, I doubt that will be the case. It pretty much ALWAYS works, and it works well.