Toppik – Organin Review

by Josh Hallstrom

Organin Product Review

Organin is not like the other hair loss treatments that I have chosen to review, but I have had a number of people ask for my advice as to whether or not it is a viable option for coverinh up hair loss. I have put together a bunch of information based on a number of customer reviews and my own experience.

What Does It Do?

Organin is simply a fibrous substance that you are supposed to sprinkle on to your hair to help cover up balding areas. The idea is that since is is a fibrous substance, it will not lay flat, but rather retain a texture similar to that of hair, thus effectively covering balding areas and avoiding the fake, spray-painted look.

It apparently consists of an all natural substance called keratin, and since it is not intented to regrow hair in any way but rather to cover up baldness, it does not have any reported side-effects or problems associated with its use.

Organin comes in a number of colors, so it’s possible to get a color that very closely matches your own hair color. Of course, if you are unable to find a color that matches, it’s probably best to find something else to cover your bals spots, because it will draw a lot of attention on its own.

Does Organin Really Work Well?

I have personally used Organin before, and I did not use very much of it before I decided to discontinue its use. For one thing, it is just a temporary fix, and it is delaying the inevitable; your hair is eventually going to be all gone and there is no way to cover it up when there’s nothing left.

I thought that it was a little too difficult to get the fibers to look natural on my head. I sprinkled them on and patted them down just like the directions say, but it still just looked like there was something a little off-color in my hair, and several people mentioned to me that it looked like there was something in my hair. Sure, it did cover up my scalp, but it did not look natural. There were a couple of times that it even flaked off on to my clothing, and that was embarrassing.

My Recommendation:

If you want to cover up your hair loss, I would recommend finding something that will actually regrow hair in stead of just covering up the problem. Just imagine being able to look in the mirror and see a full head of hair, and not just some fibers covering up your baldness.

I personally use Profollica on a daily basis, and I have been able to re-grow a lot of hair that I already lost over the past several years. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t work instantly, but I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a real product they can rely on to start to get rid of their hair-loss problem or at least get it under control. Check out my Profollica Review page if you would like to learn a little more about it and how it works.

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