My Personal Hair-Loss Story

by Josh Hallstrom

My Experience with Male Hair Loss

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My name is Josh Hallstrom and I am here to tell you about my hair loss experience. Thanks to some great products, hair loss is really not a problem for me anymore.  But, I can definitely say that finding the products that actually work took me a long time. Because I don’t think anybody should go through the same difficulties in stopping their hair loss, I have put together my findings so you can know what I know, without having to take years to find it.

Some of the products I have listed I have actually tried and have real results. Some of them I did not personally try, simply because I did hours of research and found them to not be worth my while. Either way, I have provided you with the information that I have about them.

What Worked and Didn’t Work for Me

Various Hair Loss Shampoos – SCORE = 5/10

When I was almost 20 years old and had realized not long before that I was losing my hair, I decided to at least start trying shampoos that might help slow the hair loss. I figured that I could use different kinds of shampoos without admitting that my hair loss was a problem. I admit it, I was being prideful about it. Luckily, I eventually humbled myself and did what it takes to get hair back on my head. In the beginning, this was not the case.

Anyway, I ended up using a couple of different kinds, and I honestly don’t there was any decrease in hair loss while I was using them. I figured they were all a waste. I used them for about a year, until I moved out of the country for a couple years and couldn’t find it in stores. I had used 3 separate kinds of shampoo to help with hair loss, and later discovered that there is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting their claims about their ability to re-grow hair. Their wonderful demonstrations and pitches were really nothing but a big joke.

I have done a lot of research since then to see if there is possibly some kind of shampoo that might work, and I have discovered that Nisim shampoo is actually the best kind of shampoo that actually helps regrow hair. I don’t know of any others on the market today that can claim that and have clinical studies to prove it. (This comes in at number 2) on my “best products” list. Go HERE to check out my more extensive review of it.

Hair Transplant Surgery – SCORE = 3/10

This seemed like an option that would work well when I was 25 and started looking into different products, but then I actually called a doctor up and found that they charge an arm and a leg for even some of the simplest procedures. How it works is that hair follicles are removed from other places on your head, such as the neck area where hair doesn’t normally fall out, and then it is grafted on to a bald part of your head. I definitely didn’t like being bald, but I also most definitely didn’t want to go broke just to look youthful with a full head of hair. Besides, I have heard horror stories from family members about people who forked out the money and then their hair grafts didn’t even continue to grow hair evenly, or they just didn’t work altogether. So apparently it really doesn’t work on everyone. After learning that, I knew there had to be something that was cheaper and less risky, which would therefore work a lot better for me.

Scalp Shock Treatments - SCORE = 0/10

I personally have never tried this, but, I have definitely done my share of research on it, especially when I was franticly trying to find something that worked. It’s cheaper than hair transplant surgery, and it seemed just crazy enough that it might work. I was seriously considering it until I did a ton of research and found it to be a waste of money.

How these work is that they often times have some kind of gel to help conduct the electricity into your scalp. You then use an item that is like a comb that just shocks your scalp lightly, which apparently helps jolt your hair follicles and inspire them to get back to work (that’s not a medical explanation, but it is my own understanding.)  There may actually be people who have had success with this product, but when I was researching it, all I found was severely disappointed customers.

I cannot say that none of these products work at all. I have heard of different gels that go with the shocking comb device that contain active ingredients similar to what I have found that works for me. These active ingredients may actually be intensified and work better if used with this scalp shocking device. However, it’s too hard to say if it’s the gel or the shock treatments that are causing the improvement. If you are curious enough, then by all means you could give it a shot. I personally would rather keep my money and use something that has been proven to work.

Rogaine with Minoxidil – SCORE = 5/10

This is one substance that is actually FDA approved to re-grow hair. I finally decided to try it after seeing commercials on TV and then doing some research. I found that there are several kinds of Minoxidil available, but I decided to go with Rogaine because it’s a brand I have heard of before. However, I quickly got tired of the smell of it, and the greasy feeling it left in my hair. Also, it was difficult for me to use it twice a day like I was supposed to. I suspect if I had stuck it out, I may have seen results. But, it just didn’t seem worth it to me at the time, because of all the negative aspects about it.

If you would like to read more information about Minoxidil or specifics about why I am not a huge fan of Rogaine, then read this article I wrote. It should be just the thing for you. Go to my Rogaine reviews page if you want to read that, or just keep reading here.

Scalp Med – SCORE = 6/10

I used it for several months, the topical solution in this is essentially the same thing as Rogaine with respect to the application and the main active ingredient, Minoxidil. I had to stop using Scalp Med because of negative side effects. Yes it does have side effects since it was formulated with Minoxidil, just like Rogaine. I feel like lots of other people have probably had the same experinece with Scalp Med.

For a 6 month period, Scalp Med costs about $350, which is a lot more than most people are really willing to pay. It does contain some other natural ingredients in addition to Minoxidil, which have been proven to slow down hair loss in men. Because it contains minoxidil, lots of people, including myself, saw a high level of hair regrowth in the back of their head, where minoxidil works best. It also contains many other supplements that have been confirmed to help aid in hair restoration, such as Azelaic Acid, Zinc, and Vitamin B6, it is also able to help regrow hair in other parts of the scalp as well.

Anyway, after using Scalp Medfor about 3 months, I started to see some results. In the back of my head is where I could tell the biggest difference, and I did have new hairs growing in. I was really glad to finally have found something that works. However, the results and potential side effects of Scalp Med was essentially the same as Rogaine, so I eventually stopped and moved on to find something better, without those disadvantages associated with Minoxidil.

Procerin – SCORE = 8/10

This product comes in at #2 on my product review list. I only ended up trying Procerin for a little while, but I decided to stop using it because I found something better during the time that I was using Procerin. Because Procerin is “all natural” and does not contain Minoxidil like Rogaine and Scalp Med, I didn’t have to deal with Minoxidil’s side effects. However, there are lots of people that have some serious results from it and swear by it. You can get more information on Procerin from my Procerin review page:

Propecia, generic name Finasteride

I used Propecia for just about 5 months. If you’ve heard bad things about Propecia with respect to potential sexual side effects, let me just tell you they are true. I don’t think that the loss in libido is worth it. Besides, there are better things on the market for hair loss, so why even try Propecia when there are other products that work better and don’t have all those negative side effects?

Profollica – SCORE = 10/10

Finally, I am getting to the point. This is my #1 recommended product. About 14 months ago, I was searching online and was tired of finding hoax after hoax. I was not about to get suckered in by some sort of complete waste of time and money.

Lucky for me, I had done my homework and had found out what really causes hair loss from a medical perspective, and then also what actually helps to cure it. I was not looking for any miracle cure from outer space or some secret ointment discovered in the jungles of South America. I just wanted something with clinical studies that prove validity.

I already knew after having tested Scalp Med and Procerin that there are several things that help block DHT that are available on the market. For example, folic acid, vitamin B12, and zinc oxide have all been proven to block the production of DHT and therefore stop hair loss in men, especially when they are taken together. They are all natural, yet oral supplements for men don’t contain them all together. Scalp Med contains it, but I did not have the money for it.

I decided I had to find a hair loss remedy with those ingredients, but it couldn’t be nearly as expensive. After searching for a couple hours and finding numerous blogs and articles about hair loss, I discovered a product called Profollica that consisted of an oral capsule that contains B12, Zinc Oxide, and Folic Acid. It also contains a number of ingredients that are used to help give hair a fuller look, but not necessarily regrow hair or stop hair loss. But, anything that makes my hair look fuller is fine with me. In addition to that, it has a topical solution that contains Trichogen, which is potent, recently devoloped DHT blocker.

It seemed like it would have to work based off of what I had learned, so I gave it a shot. I ordered a 6-month supply, which comes 6-month worth of the topical solution, 6-month worth of the oral supplement, and of course the Profollica shampoo. I have ordered two more 6 month supplies since then, simply because it was working so well. I can tell a noticeable difference in my rate of hair loss and the amount of hair that is growing back in is noticeable to everyone. I have even had family members mention it to me at my family reunion. I come from a long line of bald men and most of my uncles are completely bald, but I’m the only one who’s not getting balder as time goes on. In fact, I am growing more hair back that I had already lost. As of right now, I am still a little bald on top, but it’s hard to tell unless you are close to me or looking down from above. I suspect in a short while, even that hair will grow back in. In addition, the thing that I thought was the best about Profollica was the safety. Since all the ingredients are natural, you will be free of side effects.

Anyway, this is the site where I bought it. I am definitely satisfied with my purchase, and I will probably keep buying this stuff for as long as I feel like I still need hair on my head.

Profollica Store

Profollica Website

Also, they are SO sure you will have success with their product, that they are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee! It’s pretty much unheard of in this industry, but that’s just how good their product really is.

Here is the address for the actual Profollica site store:

Anyway, I hope you were able to learn something about hair loss from reading my articles. Best of luck to you, and I hope in a couple of months you are well on your way to a full head of hair, or are at least improving from your current condition.

All the best,


Your buddy, Josh