Profollica Review

by Josh Hallstrom

Rated 5 out of 5

My number 1 recommendation

Profollica Website

I decided to give Profollica the highest ranking out of all the products I have ever used. It is a recently-introduced, hair loss product marketed as a natural solution to fight against hereditary baldness. Profollica uses the latest medical research to deal with the leading cause of hair loss: excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It’s more powerful than prescription drugs like Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Proscar), and the most important thing: Profillica is free of negative side effect. I know it works, the friends I have referred to it also know it works, and there is really no down side to using it.

These are the reasons why I gave it the ranking I did:

Ingredient List: 5/5

Profollica uses a three-pronged attack against the causes of hair loss. The three tiers system includes:

* One bottle of the Daily Supplement, with 60 capsules. These pills has all the nutrients that you really need control your DHT production without the need for harmful prescription drugs. It also make sure your scalp remains healthy enough to grow hair.

* One 2.2 fl oz bottle of the Activator Gel: powered with Trichogen which include panax ginseng root extract, gingko biloba extract, kigelia africana and others potent extracts that work together to lower level of DHT production.

 * One 235 ml bottle of the Daily Shampoo. This is optional, you can choose to order or not. However I recommend you take it together with oral supplement and Activator Gel. Profollica Shampoo is specially formulated to promote both your scalp’s and hair’s health while activating dormant hair follicles.

You can read more about the ingredients and formula at Profollica official website:

Ease of Use or Application: 4/5

To get the best results, follow the three simple steps:

Step 1: rub the Profollica Revive shampoo deep into the scalp.

Step 2: apply the Activator Gel

Step 3: take the Nutritional Supplement.

I think that this is pretty simple to use, but sometimes it does get a little difficult to remember to apply the topical solution every day. It’s easy to take the supplement every day with breakfast, but sometimes I get pressed for time and am unable to apply the Activator Gel. Either way, it’s not a big deal, because your hair won’t fall back out if you miss a few applications. Just pick up where you left off next time you get a chance and you will be fine.

Potential Side-Effects: 5/5

There is no negative side effect associated with the oral supplement or the Activator Gel or Profollica Shampoo. Profollica contain powerful DHT blockers that have been proven in university and clinical studies. Since Profollica is formulated with all-natural ingredients, you will get rid of long term, unwanted side effects which often come with other hair loss treatment like Rogaine or Proscar.

You are not supposed to use the topical solution on sunburns or any open wounds or scratches, but other than that, it is a very safe product.

Economically Priced w/ Return Policy: 4.5/5

I really shouldn’t complain about the price of Profollica, because it’s not that bad. I guess in a perfect world it would be free. Even so, it’s incredibly worth the cost. If you get 6 months together, it’s just less than two dollar a day to use it. That’s less than any other effective products I’ve found out there by a long shot. I personally buy 6 months of it at a time to save money. I’ve now made 3 orders of it and I’m still going strong. It’s working wonders, so why would I stop?

Profollica gives you a 60 days return policy, so you can at least give it a try and then see if you think it’s working for you. I haven’t heard of anyone who has had to take advantage of that return policy, but if you did need to, at least you know it’s there.

Even more, if you buy large package of Profollica, you will receive a box of GenF20 Plus as bonus. GenF20 Plus is popular anti-aging product, which increase the level of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in your body.

For more information about their product or to pick up a supply for yourself, check out the Profollica official website. It’s DEFINITELY worth shot, and you will most likely be VERY pleasantly surprised. I know I was and still am.

Best luck of you,

Your buddy, Josh