Finasteride Review

by Josh Hallstrom

Finasteride (Finpecia)Review

Is Propecia Worth The Money?

Propecia is an interesting drug to me, and I’ll tell you why. It is FDA approved, but there are plenty of negative side effects with it that are bad enough that lots of men decide to stop taking it. They figure they would rather be bald than have an extreme loss in libido. I am one of those people. Lucky for me, I found something else that works really well and DOESN’T have the negative side effects.

Propecia has a generic name, Finasteride or Finpecia. Propecia was actually originally marketed as a product to help people with enlarged prostate issues. It was effective at blocking DHT, which most often causes enlargement of the prostate, which leads to prostate cancer quite often. In the early days of the drug, people began to realize that their hair was growing in thicker, so the product began to be marketed as a hair loss remedy as well. It is a perscription drug, and it is of course approved by the FDA. That’s always encouraging when it comes to hair loss products.

If you are wondering if Propecia works, the simple fact of the matter is that it does work for about 85% of all people who use it. I personally didn’t see a good improvement in the 5 months that I used it, but it can actually take up to a year to start working.

The way that Propecia works is that it blocks the DHT that causes your hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing hair. Just like any hair-loss product, it does not work the same on every person. However, in a 5 year clicical trial with 500 test patients, all patients that were taking propecia had more hair at the end of the test than those that were taking a placebo. So, it at least slowed hair loss for every single person according to the test study.

Anyway, like I said, Propecia is not just a miracle drug. Because in a way it messes with your body’s hormones, it can have a pretty big effect of your libido. There is no way to tell if it will do it to you until you take it, and once you notice that decrease in libido, it takes several weeks for you to recover.

I can’t say that you will for sure have a problem if you use Propecia, because it’s possible you won’t. However, I figure it’s not that important that you rely completely on Propecia to help battle hair loss, since there are plenty of other products out there that are also FDA approved and do just as well but without the side effects.

The product I am talking about is called Profollica. It’s got a topical portion along with an oral supplement, and together they help block DHT, promote healthy hair growth, and just make you a happier person. I know it’s been great to have a full head of hair again so I don’t look way older than I am.

Another benefit of Profollica is that it actually works FASTER than Propecia does. It doesn’t take a whole year to get it to work. It only takes a couple months before you should be able to notice some kind of a difference.

Anyway, that’s my information and my experience with Propecia. I wish it didn’t have such negative side effects, but the fact of the matter is that it does. So, my advice is to check out Profollica and see if that might be right for you. Like I said it works for me. Go ahead and read my Profollica Review that I wrote about it so you can gather more information.

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Your buddy, Josh Hallstrom

P.S. I did a little asking around to find a place that has the best prices on Propecia, in case you want to go ahead and give it a try. I found that Amazon has the lowest prices I have seen anywhere. It’s less than $1 a pill if you buy the 90 pills at a time. It’s the generic version, but it is exactly the same. It’s just a lot cheaper.