Rogaine – Minoxidil Review

by Josh Hallstrom

Minoxidil has been around for a very long time in the form of Rogaine. After Rogaine’s patent ran out, lots of other hair loss products began to start using it in their ingredient list. So does Rogaine work? That’s common question among balding men.

When Minoxidil appeared in the 1990’s, people with hair loss issues leapt for joy, thinking it was the solution to stop excessive hair loss. However this drug has issues you should know about. The truth about Minoxidil is: it was first used to treat high blood pressure (in the trade name Loniten).  Then people discovered an interesting side effect: this drug can promote hair regrowth! Because of its initial purpose, Minoxidil usually causes low blood pressure as one of its negative side effects. Rogaine and other Minoxidil products, despite their initial promise, don’t address the leading cause of hair loss in men: excess DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), and without that feature, Rogaine only works for short-term, you will be disappointed if you use it in long shot.

This was my experience with Rogaine:I finally decided to try it after seeing commercials on TV and then doing some research. I found that there are a couple kinds of Rogaine available. Although the active ingredients within the topical solution were the same, I found that these Rogaine products just had too many negative aspects about them.  Here are both of the ones I tried:

Rogaine Foam – I found that it goes on rather quickly and easily, but it doesn’t have the greatest smell in my opinion. It does wear off throughout the day and you can (sort of) cover it up with cologne, so that’s what I tried to do. However, I still was not too big of a fan of that smell and on occasion, people did notice.

Rogaine Topical Solution – I was glad when I started using this solution that it did not have the same smell as the foam solution. However, it made my hair feel a little bit greasy. It wasn’t too bad if I made sure to rub it in all the way and towel off my hair after I applied it.  I stuck with it for about a month, and all I really noticed was that my hair was falling out even MORE than usual. This is actually normal, and is a sign that it is working. So, I guess that’s good news.

Anyway, after those couple months testing out Rogaine, I decided that for me, there were probably better products on the market. After all, Rogaine really only works on the crown of the head, and I had plenty of hair loss in the front that was not even being treated.

I was not ready to give up though, so I did some more research and I did eventually find something else called Profollica that is all-natural hair loss treatment. Most of people usually think that natural treatments are too weak. However these people couldn’t be more wrong about this. After spent a lot of time and money to try many products, I found out that natural ingredients give better results than chemical substances like Minoxidil or Finasteride. You can see that all three products I’m recommending on this blog are natural.  Profollica also comes with an oral supplement and activation gel that helps regrow hair in places other than just the crown of your head, plus it helps the hair even on the crown of your head grow in even FASTER and THICKER. This is great because I, like most people, have thinning hair at the front of my head as well, and I’ll take as much help as I can get to help the crown of my head.

You can read my review of that on my Profollica Review Page, or just keep reading more facts and information about Minoxidil.

I’m sure plenty of you reading this don’t feel that you really need a product that works on any area outside of the crown of your head. If that’s the case, I would still recommend Profollica because it will even help the hair on the crown of your head grow in thicker, like I said.

Anyway, Minoxidil’s ability to stop hair loss and re-grow hair is based a lot off of where your hair loss problem is occurring, and for how long. People who have been losing their hair for a shorter period of time have been shown to be a lot more successful, because their follicles have not been dormant as long. Also, as I already mentioned, the product really only works on the crown of the head. What it does essentially is it helps enlarge the hair follicles at the crown of your head, so that the follicles that have stopped producing hair are stimulated to begin producing hair once again. Here is a little clip directly off of their official website:

rogaine faq

There are some other things that you would probably want to know about Minoxidil. For the first couple weeks that you are using it, hair loss will actually INCREASE, as you follicles are becoming larger. The older, thinner hairs will fall out to make room for the new, thicker hairs. So, the results are definitely not instant.

Also, as with just about any hair loss treatment, if you stop using it, you will eventually start to lose all the new hair that you re-grew, and you will go back to the way your hair used to be.

I did personally use Rogaine in both the Foam formula and the Extra Strength formula, but I eventually stopped for those reasons I already mentioned. Luckily, I eventually found Profollica, which I think works a lot better and is a better value for my money. It does contain Panax Ginseng Root extract, Saw Pametto and a number of other things in it that really helped improve my hair-loss situation. I have been using Profillica for quite a while now, and I would recommend it to anyone. Profollica comes with a 60-day money back, no questions asked guarantee. I would definitely recommend you go to the Profollica official website and check it out.

For more information on the products that I have tested and found to be the most effective for hair loss, please check out the information I have listed on the Top Hair Loss Products page. I’ve given these products honest reviews and you can check them out and see which ones might work best for you.

Your buddy, Josh