Scalp Med Reviews

by Josh Hallstrom

DO NOT Buy Scalp Med!

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Dear Friend,

I started losing my hair when I was pretty young, and it was not fun. I went through the early stages of hair loss for about 7 years before I found something that I feel has really helped my with my hair loss.

I don’t think anyone should have to go through the stress of picking the scams out of the pile of legitimate hair-loss treatments, so I wanted to pass on what I know about products like Scalp Med to anyone who is curious.

It took me a while and a lot of trial and error with different products, but I found a great, legitimate product that I am still using. I have regrown most of my hair (as shown in my picture) and my hair loss is not nearly as noticeable as it was before.

Like I said, at one point, I decided to use Scalp Med, which is the topic of this article. For the benefit of everyone reading this, there is a spot for user comments at the bottom where you can read what other people have to say about Scalp Med and you don’t have to trust just me.

You have probably seen at least one infomercial for Scalp Med before. If you are like me, you probably picked up the phone to call the number and place an order for it after seeing it a couple of times, because according to the before and after pictures they were showing, as well as the testimonials of real customers, it really does some amazing things. But, the question is, will it do that for you?

After ordering Scalp Med, I started using it religiously for a few months. I was using the topical solution like I was supposed to, and taking the supplement. I even used the scalp cleansing formula and the cortex enlarger that comes with it.

I did notice after a couple of months that I was losing less hair. I did not start to really regrow any hair before the third month. I really didn’t think the scalp cleanser or the cortex enlarger made any difference at all, but that could just be my own feeling. Anyway, by the third month, I decided to stop using Scalp Med because it’s effectiveness was not as effective as i expected while the price is too expensive.

Before I was completely out of solution, I did notice that I was beginning to regrow some hair. Most of it was growing in at the crown of my head, but some was also coming in at the front and middle of my scalp. So, Scalp Med was actually working! Scalp Med has the same topical solution as Rogaine, which contains an ingredient called minoxidil. Minoxidil is FDA approved to regrow hair. The oral portion of it contains a number of nutrient, among which are Azelaic Acid, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. Those nutrients, when combined, can really slow down hair loss and help hair to grow back. At that point, I knew I had to find better product with a lower price.

Not too long after that, I happened across some discussion boards where people were talking about their own experiences with a product called Profollica. I could not find anything negative said about it and it was cheaper than Scalp Med, so I decided to take a leap and see if it really works. After all, Profollica had all-natural ingredients in it’s formula, therefore you will be safe, no negative side effects that Rogaine and Scalp Med usually come up with. Profollica also has a similar nutrient mix as Scalp Med does in the oral portion of the treatment. It doesn’t come with the cortex enlarger, but I didn’t like that stuff anyway.

Because Profollica had a 60 day guarantee, I knew that I could try it and see if it would work the same or better as Scalp Med, in which case I would be a happy man. So, to make a long story short, I ordered the 6 month supply, which is the most economical way to buy it. I also get free shipping and one free package of GenF20 Plus, which is popular and natural anti-aging product.

Since I first ordered Profillica that first time, I have ordered 2 more 6-month supplies and I am about to order another one. I have pretty much stopped my hair loss, and my hair is growing in a lot thicker all around. I had to stick with it for about 6 months before I started noticing major differences, but I could tell small differences after just about 2 months.

So anyway, the choice is up to you. But, I would definitely choose Profollica over Scalp Med any day. If you do decide to go for Profollica, then you really should get the 6 month supply. It’s the cheapest per month, and you should really give it at least a few months before deciding if it’s going to work for you. Either way, it’s about 1/3 as much as Scalp Med, and it works just as well, if not better.



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